Britannia: Icon on the Coin

  • The story of Britannia, and Britain, in a compelling new book from The Royal Mint Museum

  • The first time a fully-illustrated book on the history of Britannia has been published

  • Written with style and authority by art historian Katharine Eustace


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An illustrated history of Britannia by respected art historian Katharine Eustace

At a time when the ‘idea’ of Britain is being debated more than ever, a book that reveals the rich history of British identity has been published. The story of Britannia on the coinage is also the story of Britain. In her new book, a Royal Mint Museum publication, Katharine Eustace charts Britannia’s history and explores the shifts in art and politics, technology and popular culture that have influenced the icon’s image over 2,000 years.

Britannia: Icon on the Coin is a handsome book to browse with a range of colour illustrations, while Katharine’s engaging tone and research make for an enjoyable read. Katharine Eustace is an expert in eighteenth century sculpture, with an extraordinary knowledge of decorative art and sculpture in Britain. She was a curator in the Ashmolean Museum and the National Portrait Gallery, and Editor of the Sculpture Journal for ten years.