In the Money

In the Money
A guide to the coins that shaped Britain


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What do Sir Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, Henry VIII and the Emperor Hadrian have in common?  They have all left a lasting mark on Britain´s coins.  Miniature monuments of the past, every coin has a story to tell, regardless of its value.  Britain has been making money for over 2000 years.  From the ancient world of the Celts and Romans to the modern age, the coins we take for granted helped forge a nation.

Who invented Britannia? What was a ´Bob´? Why was Henry VIII known as ´Old Coppernose´? Presenting over 180 high-quality images of Britain´s rarest coins, In The Money is an approachable and accessible guide for any coin collector, enthusiast or historian.  Delve into the rich history of money and explore two millennia of the country´s most exquisite coins, and the intriguing personalities who helped to create them.